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Dragon boat racing festival in Cat Ba

Cat Ba Island, known as an ecological paradise with beautiful beaches, golden sand and sunshine, diverse marine life and abundant flora and fauna and products. The unique culture that only Cat Ba island has. Lan Ha Bay, the area in front of the Holiday View hotel is a place to mark the unique culture of the fishing community on the island. Every year the boat race is held here with thousands of visitors coming to attend.

People of Cat Ba usually organize dragon boat races at the end of the fishing season, opening the Southern season on ¼ solar calendar (Uncle Ho’s visit to Cat Ba in 1959). After many formal ceremonies were held the afternoon and the night before, all day ¼ only for the boat race. The long diamond-shaped boat, wooden dragon head, brilliant gold lipstick, on the deck carrying 22 to 26 young wave on the Gulf also attracted many visitors cross.

Boat racing festival has existed and developed over the years in the central and southern provinces. However, boat racing on the sea is a cultural feature of Cat Ba island.

Characteristics: Canoeing commemorates the day Uncle Ho visited Cat Ba fishing village in 1959 and also the traditional day of fishery.

Dragon boat race with the shape of 11m long, 1.5m wide is very expensive, cost up to 30 million a unit. Each boat has between 22 and 26 people. The beginning of the contest is a tug of war among boat teams on the sea. After the tug-of-war was to shake the boat without the roof of the fishermen from the South Central Coast. Next is dragon boat racing. 1km long track with flag at both ends, the boat will have to go 3 or 4 rounds, the boat to the first destination will win.

In addition to the selection of strong oars, the rider is considered the winner of the boat, as they must handle extremely accurately at the turn, allowing the boat to be more than ten meters in length that can be rounded up the fastest. .